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Corporate retreats in Mont-Tremblant

Corporate retreats are a way that businesses can encourage team bonding and build employee relationships. Many companies are looking for ways to boost morale, show appreciation for their staff, and offer networking events. Knowing how to plan an effective retreat can help the people of a business stay happy and motivated while at their job.

Why are corporate retreats important?

Sometimes you need to disconnect in order to reconnect.

If employees feel overworked, then their productivity and workplace satisfaction can decrease. Make sure employees have some personal time and can choose to do activities they find the most relaxing. This can help to avoid becoming burnt out at work and can increase productivity in the long term.
Corporate retreats are a time away from the office that is meant to encourage team building and boost morale.

The goal of a corporate retreat

Team building and reward for employees

Apart from the physical and mental benefits of a retreat, stepping away from the routine of the office allows us to disconnect from work in order to come back refreshed and fully recharged.
Rewarding your staff  with a retreat, is a great way to recognize the incredible service they provide. Your employees will feel appreciated and encouraged to keep up their great work habits, which will have a positive impact on your business while getting to know each other.

Chalet rental services - corporate retreat service

Benefits of corporate retreats

It's more than a treat, it's an investment for your company.

In facts, going on a chalet retreat can be a great way to get employees out of their comfort zone and learn to get to know each other better, which can help to develop interpersonal relationships and can encourage team bonding.

Increase productivity

Helps in avoiding burnout

Encourages team work

Boost employees morale

Better staff retention

Disconnect and power up

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Plan your company retreat at Chalets La Belle Vie.

You have 5 unique chalets to choose from.

Our chalets have all the features and amenities needed for a corporate retreat. They offer comfortable guest rooms, spacious rooms for brainstorming, and have spaces for hosting company-wide meals.
A retreat is at Chalet La Belle Vie is all about indulgence: Spa on site, catering service, fun outdoor activities near by: skiing, hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, company photoshoot sessions, etc… We can customize a retreat for your company in order to offer the best retreat experience for your staff.

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