About Us

Raji B. Vinothan


Chalets express what we have to offer, a place to relax with friends or family, for a limited time.

La Belle Vie speaks of our commitment that what we create is well thought, well made and improves your life’s quality.

Together, they form the perfect name to carry our promise.

Interested in architecture and real estate, I got fascinated by the concept of Bed & Breakfast, which I discovered through a new friend who owned one. However I couldn’t picture myself cooking breakfast as I barely can do more than boiling water! But then I learned about a similar formula called Touristic Residence which is the Bed & Breakfast without the breakfast!! That was my Eureka moment and soon enough Chalets La Belle Vie came to life.

From the very first day, I’ve always tried to make decisions that you would be proud of. Putting people first, listening up, moving forward, and making it better, are my core values. With this in mind, I surrounded myself with positive and dedicated people who could work with these same values.

Thanks to my small team, I was able to expand my humble real estate park so I could offer you a diverse choice of chalets and environments. Small for couples, bigger for groups, in the woods for nature lovers, by the water for those who like to float and luxurious for others. All offer the possibility of recharging one’s batteries, of recording beautiful images, of soaking up the atmosphere of finally being together and of enjoying what life offers us, here and now.

Chalets La Belle Vie has the vacation home that meets your needs and desires. We are anxious to welcome you for a few days in your new home!!